How I would do it (Kara Zor-el)

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I would have Kara arrive on earth in suspended animation years after her cousin. Kal-El would teach her about Earth and Kara would teach him about Krypton. Kara would tell him about the war between Krypton and Dheron and how the war caused the destruction of Krypton. She would also tell him how the House of El planed to escape the destruction of the planet together but their ship was met by a war ship so everyone had to get into much smaller escape pods. After some time on Earth Kara decides to become a hero but she thinks it would be best to step out of her cousins shadow and takes the name Power Girl. (I always preferred this idea of her being her own hero but I would have her costume look more like it did in Elseworld's Finest: Supergirl & Batgirl minus the S symbol and probably in the traditional Power Girl white and blue.)

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nice idea i could see au supergirl as pg hell at first i thought it was pg.

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