Her Offical Height & Weight is:

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According, to the OFFICAL The DC Comics Encyclopedia, Updated and Expanded Edition. Power Girl is 5 7 in height and 160 pounds! Even this site has her listed 5 11 and 180 pounds. (by the way if you are reading this and can change that info, please do).

Is that a good height and weight for our lady hero in your opinion?

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Nope, 5'11" 180 sounds more appropriate for PeeGee. I always picture her as much taller than the average superheroine. I want my Power Girl to be taller than Catwoman.

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No, neither sounds right. She's at least 6' judging from her own series, and other appearances like WW, though it's harder to tell now in WF. And she's way less than either of those weights. My guess is a max of around 145. Probably less if you go by the recent SG issues or WF.

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