Blonde OR Black Hair Power Girl Which One Do you Prefer?

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I know the dark hair Power Girl here is an EVIL clone of PG but I like the hair. So assuming PG is a "natural" blonde and the evil clone hair is either dyed or a genetic change to the clone. Which one do you like more and do you think PG should dye her hair black in the comics once in a while?

Remember, her disguise as Karen Starr, SOEMTIMES she wears a wig and sometimes she does not!!

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@gwhh: All this thread proves is that she's pretty hot in any color. PG could dye her hair blue and she'd still look amazing. Only problem is that I don't buy books for sex appeal I buy them for good stories and unless World's Finest gets better writing I'm not buying it.

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Agree with dng4774 - PG's hair color is not high on the list of things I like about her (pre-52) so she would appeal to me whatever color it was. However, I think blonde hair goes best visually with the color scheme and design of her costume, i.e. yellow/gold hair with the white, red and blue and yellow/gold of her costume. However, she could be given a different costume with another color scheme.

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It's not a huge thing for me, but I also think the blonde hair works best with her costume colors. Even the black costume featured in the post above.

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Wonder Woman has black hair.

Jean Grey has red hair.

Storm has white hair

Wasp has brown hair.

All of these women have an established hair color that is part of how their fans know them. The same is true for Power Girl, too. Power Girl is a blonde. She should remain a blonde.

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