Amanda Conners Power Girl

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i think amanda drew a good pg she was sexy sassy yet not to in your face sexy in my opion. do you guys like how amanda drew pg if not who are your fav pg artist i would like to hear your opions wether you like amanda or not i personaly like her art thanks for the feedback either good or bad.


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That run of Power Girl was incredible. Connor's PG will always be definitive for me.

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Yeah, to date she's done the definitive Power Girl, along with perhaps AH!'s covers. Too bad she can't keep up a monthly, which is why the first team quit.

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really i did not know that i do like that loyalty though i think Jimmy Justin and Amandas run was the best Winicks was ok but something was lost when he took over for Justin JImmy and Amanda in my opion idk if you agree or not but in my opion Amanda Jimmy and Justin was the best team for PG.

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I compare Gray/Palmiotti/Conner's run to the John Byrne run on Sensational She-Hulk (sans fourth wall breaking). Would you guys agree on that?

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@Darkmount1: I can see that

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the only american comics i own are the tradebacks of powergirl done by those three.

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Amanda Conner's Power Girl may end up being the definitive version of the character.

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Oh yeah. She def did a great job... Just look at those........

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Yeah, it was good but I wasn't a fan of the rectangular boobie window.

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