duo_forbidden's Power Girl: A New Beginning #1 - Volume 1 review

Great start for Power Girl

A lot may recognize Power Girl from Justice Society of America. When people see Power Girl, besides the obvious, people think

that Power Girl is a sex appeal character with no personality. It's true that she has sex appeal, but she does have a personality. She's quite different from her Kryptonian alternative relatives especially from Kara aka Supergirl. In the right hands, she proves it, thanks to Geoff Johns and Amanda Conner in JSA Classified. When it was announced that Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, and Amanda Conner were going to be the creative team for the new Power Girl series, It was clear that Power Girl was going to be in great hands.    
 Power Girl on the job
Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray make Power Girl assessable for those who want to see what the hype is about. The tradeback
 Atlee adds more fun in this series
consists of issue 1-6 with three different stories with the first part dealing with Ultra-Humanite causing trouble in Manhattan along with Power Girl starting her life in New York. Right around the middle is a story about Karen being a mentor to a young superhero name Atlee aka, the new Terra. Again, Palmiotti, Gray, and Conner had a hand in creating the new Terra thanks to the limited miniseries, and she fits in so well alongside Power Girl. The final story is about runaway royal princesses who are just looking for a good time on Earth. These stories sound bizarre, but they work. There is a lot of action and drama throughout, but the humor (even the obvious jokes) and characterization are spot on. It's the small development that works during each initial stories, whether it's Karen running her own company, playing a mentor/big sister role to Atlee, finding an apartment, shopping, or looking after her cat. Characters are vibrant and have all different kinds of personality. 

 Shopping is always fun

I'm am a huge fan of Amanda Conner's artwork. She is the third piece of the puzzle for this

 What's he so mad about? He gets as many pages as Power Girl

series. If you haven't heard of her now, you won't forget her name after reading this. This isn't her first time with Power Girl as she worked with Geoff Johns in the past with JSA Classified. That experience gave her enough to follow up with this series. Most artists give Power Girl a more older look along with a muscular buildup, but this is the opposite on Conner's approach of the character. She gives Power Girl a younger appearance and ditches the old hairstyle that Power Girl had in the past. She has a way where she doesn't make Power Girl just look just a hot woman in superhero tights. She gives Power Girl enough depth and tone to stand out. The story told by Palmiotti and Gray come to life with her artwork. Also, awesome cover artworks by Adam Hughes.

Overall: There's nothing else to say other than that this is a great start for the series. A big part goes to the first creative team for the first 12 issues--Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, and Amanda Conner before Judd Winick and Sami Basri. I would also pick up The Power Girl tradeback written by Geoff Johns as well. 

Powergirl #1 AH

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Posted by shawn87

Great review. I've been meaning to get this

Posted by Duo_forbidden

Thanks! I've been meaning to write a review on this, but I wanted to add some pics to go with it. I just didn't have a scanner at the time. I plan on writing a review on the second volume Power Girl: Aliens and Apes as well.

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