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This is my first comic of Power girl and I have to say that I loved it, it's very funny and you have a great time reading it. We are used to see serious situations for heroes but the situations of danger in this character are really funny. The stories make you smile and laugh, could it been because of the heroine's' assets? What I didn't like of this comic is the art I found it "childish", not so realistic as other characters in DC and Marvel. The story is about Power Girl's new beggining after Infinite Crisis starting a with her technology company, which is successful, but she also deals with her secret personality and her labour as heroine. Ultra-Humanite attacks New York by lifting it to to the space, all he wants is Power Girl's body. The second story is about three girls coming from another galaxy and causing many troubles, of course they become friends with PG. I wish those three girls were real. I highly recommend this character if you want to have a good time. Heroes can be funny too.    

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