dmc's Power Girl #7 - Lust in Space review

Better Than I Expected

I didn't know what to make of this issue, when I first saw the cover except that I didn't want PG to end up in a relationship, especially with this guy. Something tells me it's not gonna happen, I just hope that whatever takes place before Power Girl lets him down, is worth it.  



What was particularly unique about issue #7 was it's undivided attention to the main plotline. No transitions into PGs business or personal life this time around, just a linear story focused on Vartox and his fixation with Power Girl for reasons that are plausible. Jimmy wisely opens issue #7 with the dilemma that brings Power Girl to Vartox attention. Believe it or not, his reasons for choosing her go beyond the physical appearance and pertains to a fact about Power Girl that can be easily forgotten.
The story does have its moments here and there but in the end what drew me back into the story was when Vartox unleashes his second plan to impress Power Girl.  


The opening pages had their defects but for the most part. Conner/Mounts turn out some solid art. I enjoyed the understated humor found in the artwork but there is one easter egg that, while clever, was a bit of a stretch in my opinion.  





Wether or not Jimmy stays true to the character, I enjoyed his interpretation of Vartox even if he did get on my nerves a bit. But I think that was meant to happen. 


I thought the use of profile blocks (whatever it's called) to introduce the cast worked quite well. I was unfamiliar with this issues supporting cast, so getting to know a little bit about these characters was appreciated. But what really makes it work is how these profiles are written in a way that fits the book.

Wrap Up

Power Girl #7 was an excellant start to this 2-part story, it turned out much better than I expected. I'm also relieved that this story has nothing to do with Power Girl's mystery stalker introduced in issue #5. Hopefully Dr. Midnite's appearance will lead to some JSA guest starts in the next issue. If Vartox "backup plan" is all it's cracked up to be, Power girl might need more assistance.
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