harleyquinn12's Power Girl #4 - Girls' Night Out! review

So Cute!

This issue,like the past issues was great. It was funny,cute,quirky,and all around great. I'm sooooooo glad they included Atlee in this issue because she is awesome.  Plus I love how she's so headstrong. Zoradia makes a really cute villain too. And "Busty Airborne Lass"-Gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      I’ve been waiting for this issue for a while now. I enjoyed the first arc but I was more interested in what was coming down the road. What does Jimmy have in store for Power Girl in issue #4.  Good     FormatWhat made the issue enjoyable was how it was structured. Through a sequence of events, that transition smoothly from one to the next, we follow Karen through her business, personal and super-hero life. For me this was quite unexpected but a welcome change.    Cast WorkThe structure of th...

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