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"Girls' Night Out!" When Power Girl & Terra face off against the menace of Zoraida, a Elven, Magic Book wielding,  Sorceress at the command of Ogres, Monsters and Trolls, they must stop her from turning New York City into a Green Earth utopia. All this and Power Girl has to figure out how to pay the mounting Starrware bills as well!?! 

The book opens with Terra and Power Girl sitting in a movie theater watching previews. After a couple of stupid trailers and one poorly executed pass by some random guy their movie begins. We find that Terra is no real fan of horror films.

As they are enjoying the movie a monster comes to shore Godzilla style. I mean Mathew Broderick Godzilla style. Right out of the water and over the bus, all we see are the feet. The two women come out of the theater and hear the commotion.

Ready to battle Power Girl begins to get out of her street clothes, only to find out that Terra did not wear her costume under her street clothes. Not to worry, or be out done Terra strips down to her underwear, and off to battle she goes.

When they get to the Brooklyn Bridge they see a blonde on an Ogre. She calls herself Zoraida, and she has come to liberate the city for the plants and animals, and return the city to the green. Of course Power Girl is having none of it and rushes in to shut her down.

It does not take long for Power Girl to realize that the book her young blonde adversary is using is the source of her power. So Power Girl simply takes the book and slaps her. Even with a last ditch use of Manga monsters, the young environmentalist has no chance of winning.

Instead of having the young lady arrested she admires her enthusiasm for helping the planet, and offers her a job. At the end of the book we see Kara touring her companies R & D section and seeing where possible cash flow can come from. She needs an apartment soon, and as she is apartment hunting while she is touring a seemingly perfect place, her and her real estate agent see something fall out of the sky near by, thus setting up issue # 5.    

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