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A month passes after last issue, during which Karen Starr (aka Power Girl) has been learning karate from trainer “Mongo” Krebs. After returning to her apartment, Karen is attached by yet another villain that mysteriously appears. This interloper is more creature than villain, but Power Girl fights it off.
In Darkworld, we find out that the creatures being sent after Power Girl are coming from the Weaver. A foe of Power Girl’s grandfather Arion, the Weaver is making Power Girl suffer slowly. The next step in his plan is to break Force out of Belle Reve, and send him after Power Girl.
In the meantime, Karen spends some time learning more about ancient Atlantis, working with Andrew Draper on a way to defend her company Starrware from a corporate takeover, finding out about Force’s escape, and meeting mystic Madame Rossili. Rossili sends Power Girl to Stonehenge, to meet a warlock named Blaine. Blaine, however, transforms into a creature and attacks her. Force arrives and joins the fight, and both get power boosts from the Weaver.
Power Girl defeats them both, much to the pleasure of an onlooker: Phantom Stranger. The Stranger reveals that Power Girl has been caught up in the struggle between the Lords of Order and Chaos. Power Girl wants to take the fight to the Weaver, and Phantom Stranger uses the Weaver’s own portal to send Power Girl into the Darkworld after him.

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