ryu_batman's Power Girl #2 - Unleashing the Beast review

RYU/BATMAN'S Review Of "Past" Comics: Power Girl Issue 2

 ^ So Cool ^
 She's Awesome
Power Girl is in deep trouble. She has to deal with Manhattan under the control of the madman or monkey Ultra-Humanite and being captured herself. What she learns from the monkey man will shock her to her foot. 
What I Like, Is What You Should Like! 
Power Girl issue 1 and 2 captured me when I read it. The colors, and drawings of Amanda conner are my personal favorite and I totally like her work! Jimmy Palmiotti is also good on this series too. I began reading his work on Here comes The Big People and Jonah Hex. Both are good series, however if you ask (RYU/BATMAN which is me) Jonah Hex and Power Girl is the best story lines I've ever seen. Power Girl is currently up to her 15th issue today, and I'm enjoying the current roster since Amanda and Jimmy left at 12 or 13.  
What You I HATE, Is What You Should hate. 
As a Power Girl fan I'm saying this with respect of Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. Their early, early, early work on the series was boring. I'm not really a Humanite fan, I just liked him in the cartoon series Justice League. Besides who even likes white monkeys?  
Power Girl's second issue is a 3/5 
What RYU/BATMAN says is, Don't pick this second Power Girl issue up! Because it's doesn't have that much of a good story, unless you like white monkeys and backstories. :)

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