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As the Ultra-Humanite holds Manhattan and Power Girl hostage, he tells the parts of his origin that have never before been revealed. And what Power Girl learns chills her to the bone…

This issue begins with the Ultra Humanite giving Power Girl a beat down. At the same time he begins to dialogue and tell her his motivations for what he is doing. His big plan is to place his mind into Power Girl's body, and he had to use the entire island of Manhattan as hostages to get her to surrender it. During their fight Power Girl taunts the Humanite, and he ends up revealing his origin.

Before he tells it, we see the supporting players at Power Girl's new Environmental company, and how they are dealing with their city being lifted off the ground.. They all agree that the best thing to do is to sit tight, but then they notice people are jumping off the roof to save themselves.

On street level, the JSA is fighting the Humanites robots, all the while the conversation they are having over the sound of punching metal just so happens to be about Power Girl. As we cut back to Power Girl and Ultra Humanite we see that he has her strapped to some sort of device. As he is preparing for the mind transfer, he tells her why she can not break her bonds, and then tells his story.

As a child named Gerard he had cancer. Instead of laying in a hospital bed, he decides to go back to college and find a cure for himself. Unfortunately for him, the college found his experiment to transfer the mind of a human into an animal to be cruel and expensive and they kick him off campus along with his assistant Satanna.

They found a home in the African Jungle where a revolution is taking place. In a desperate attempt to keep Gerard alive, his assistant Satanna suggests putting his mind into the body of a great white ape. Of course we know the operation is a success. What we didn’t know is after he gets the ape body he takes out a regiment of soldiers and then gets to do the bad thing with his assistant Satanna.

After he tells his story, he decides that the sight of blood on Kara is sign enough that the transfer should begin.

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