harleyquinn12's Power Girl #15 - Bomb Squad: Part Two review

Really, another bad pun?!

 What is it with these puns? Last issue, it was "Crash Test", now "Crash Course"? 
So, on to the story 
This issue begins with the backstory of the new villain Crash. He got beaten up at school quite often, so he stole electronics, sold them, and gave the money to other boys, so they would beat the bullies up. We flash back quite quickly to the present, where Power Girl is battling Crash. Crash punches Power Girl through a couple buildings, and she then calls up"usiong her newly acquired cell phone earrings) her friend from work, Nicholas. Of course, she hides the fact that she's really Power Girl, and talks to him as Kaen Starrr. Well, Nicholas is basically a criminal, so Power Girl tantalizes him with the fact that she knows basically his whole criminal record. Nick suggests that Power Girl can call the Marines or Batman, who, in retrospect, have now chance of stopping Crash. So, Nick tries to find a way to help Power Girl, who has now resorted to using objects to fight Crash. Nick tells Power Girl that she has to keep Crash busy for a total of four hours, and he'll resort back to his "hibernation form". For four hours, Power Girl fights Crash, and eventually he's powered down. In a flash, of light, just when Power Girl is going to ecort Crash to a Star Labs stasis field, Maxwell Lord comes in, and takes Crash, well, somewhere. Power Girl returns to her office, and is approached by Nick, who now knows that she's Power Girl. 
Overall, it was pretty fun. I like that Power Girl can easily conceal her identity(for the most part). I also like that Power Girl isn't part of a big story arc, I like Brightest Day, but it's nice to have a little break. This story was entertaining, very well written. Judd Winnick nails Power Girl's smart and sassy character down. Hopefully, Power Girl will be mostly a short story, I don't like to see the conflict resolved in one issue, but I don't want to see a gigantic story arc. Judd does an incredible job of breaking down the story into different parts, and can write Power Girl so good!
The art is just the right kind of detailed! The battle sequences were the best, I guess because this whole issue was a battle. I love the art that focuses on Power Girl's normal life. Sami Basri draws the best real life scenes I've ever seen!(get it? :p) Love the poses that you see here. The inking's not too heavy or too light, and the coloring is bright and vibrant, defintley the best part. Not the best art in the series so far, that would be #13, but it was amazing!

I defintley have high hopes for the series, Winnick and Basri don't live up to the series "legacy" so far, but they do do a great job!


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