harleyquinn12's Power Girl #13 - ...What a Difference a Day Makes! review

I feel, strangley pleased!

Let me start off by saying that Power Girl before this, was one of my favorite books, for a year. Almost every issue delivered a fun story, with  amazing artwork. I was so p----- about the creative team change, I had so much fun reading Power Girl before this, I love Judd Winnick almost to death, but he's nothing compared to Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti writing Power Girl. Sami Basri's art had nothing on me especially next to Amanda Connor. The story connects with Power Girl's teammates in the Justice Society and JSA all stars. Basically, the issue deals with, half of her superheroing, and half about her buisnesses. Oh, and Power Girl fights OMACs. She also gets earrings that act as cell phones! Winnick delivers a captivating story with humorous dialogue. Although Winnick is nothing like Gray and Palmiotti, he manages to pull of a cute, yet serious Power Girl!   Sami Basri's art is absolutley beautiful, very detailed. Every page could defintley be turned into a poster by DC direct! Basri draws everything almost spot-on, the battle scenes, Power Girl's normal life. Winnick also delivers great inner monologue for Power Girl! I can't express my love for Sami Basri's art enough, it's incredibly! The story also ties ito Justice League Generation Lost! We also find out how much Power Girl hates Booster Gold, with also happens in Justice League Generation Lost!   Judd Winnick nails Power Girl, she has a serious attitude while dealing with her co-workers, and acts ditzy when personally dealing with her coworkers! Sami Basri, once again, delivers a unique style, that is perfect for Power Girl's book, and connects with the story! I say, if you don't like Judd Winnick, pick it up for the art. If you don't like Sami Basri, pick it up for the story. If you don't like Power Girl, pick it up, and maybe you will. It's a perfect jumping on point for new Power Girl readers, with intriquite, and heavenly artwork!

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