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Power Gem

The Power Gem is a set of six gems that were left over from a God from the previous universe. When all six gems are brought together they created The Infinity Gauntlet, allowing the wielder to gain the powers of a God. The power Gem by itself gives the user greatly amped strength and durability. The Gem was wielded by The Stranger then The Elder named Champion. The Champion though barely knew how to use it and was ultimately defeated by Thanos who gained control of the Gem during Thano's Quest. After the Infinity Gauntlet, Drax the Destroyer became the holder of the Gem. It is now currently in the hands of Namor.

The power gem allows the user to potentially manipulate all the power and energy in the universe that has, or ever will exist. The Power Gem augments the users physical attributes, such as strength and durability, to near infinite levels, and with mastery can allow the user to mimic the effects of energy based superpowers. Full mastery would see the user become invincible in terms of brute power. When combined with the other infinity gems the power gem greatly enhances their effects. It can also be use as an unlimited power supply for any machine. Originally held by Champion until Thanos defeated him and took it from him during Thano's Quest.

Wielders of the Power Gem

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