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During the 1880's, Sioux Indian brave Ohiyesa left Red Deer Valley to learn more about the world of the White Man. His expert skills at tracking and handling a gun enabled him to win a job as a deputy sherrif. Sometime later, he won the job of Sherrif in the town of Elkhorn and chose Hank Brown as his deputy.

While he was still a deputy, Ohiyesa was given the name Pow-wow Smith by some townspeople. Though he used his Indian name with the tribe, he eventualy began to call himself Pow-wow when among white men.

Once he became Sherrif, Pow-wow spent most of his time living in Elkhorn, only rarely returning to Red Deer Valley. Fleetfoot, and Indian maiden and daughter of Chief Thundercloud, set out to win Pow-Wow's love. She aided him in a number of battles with lawbreakers and eventually they became engaged and married.

In the present day, a descendant of Ohiyesa was named after his famous ancestor. This Ohiyesa attended college in the East, then returned to Red Deer Valley, seeking to bring his tribe into the 20th /21st Centuries. He also became a lawman and took the name Pow-Wow Smith in honour of his ancestor, but he remained in Red Deer Valley.

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