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 Battle of the minds between the leader of the Possessors and Dr. Strange.
The Possessors were an alien race that came to Earth from another dimension where they began to possess several people from a village in the Bavarian Alps including the town mayor. Dr. Strange used his earthly scanner to discover a dark patch in the Bavarian region where supernatural forces were at work. Dr. Strange came to the village and discovered one individual who was possessed. The Possessor inhabiting the villager was force to flee from his human host when Dr. Strange started to mentally probe the man. The alien entered its camouflage base and warned its lord about Dr. Strange and his abilities with the mystic arts. The alien was given a command to take over Dr. Strange's mind and body. The alien located Dr. Strange as he sat inside his hotel room and entered his host. The alien could not control the body and decided to examine it from the outside when the Possessor was attacked by Dr. Strange in his ethereal form. Dr. Strange learned its secret and how they planned to take control of an entire village before taking over the entire planet. The alien was set free when Dr. Strange had plans to find their leader. The alien told the town mayor who was also possessed to arouse the townspeople and have them stop Dr. Strange because he posed as a great danger to them and their plans. Dr. Strange managed to blind the villagers with some magic and soon located the hiding place of the invading aliens. Dr. Strange confronted the leader of the Possessors when he formed a shield around its body composed of a strong rock-like substance. The leader and Dr. Strange engaged in a struggle of mental powers against one another. The pressure on Dr. Strange's mind was appalling but he proved triumphant when the alien's shield barrier began to melt. The rest of the Possessors were forced to leave their human hosts and return back to their dimension. Dr. Strange would cast a spell to seal the dimensional entrance forever.


The Possessors were created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in 1964 and first appeared in Strange Tales # 118. 

Powers & Abilities

The Possessors are an alien race that can take mental and physical control of a host when they enter their bodies. These aliens can become intangible in their astral form and possess the ability to levitate and hover above the ground. These aliens can also form a shield barrier over their body composed of a strong rock-like substance that can protect them from some physical and mental attacks.

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