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Porpy the Porpoise was a favorite steed of Aquaman. He should not be confused with a namesake Disney character, a companion to Moby Duck.  
Porpoises form the taxonomical family Phocoenidae, including six living species and a number of extinct ones. Their closest living relatives are the Delphinidae (dolphins). They are believed to have had a common ancestor as recent as 15 milion years ago. They are smaller but stouter than most dolphins. Their fins are generally triangular, unlive the curved fins of most dolphins. Their length varies between 1, 5 metres/5 feet and 2,5 metres/8 feet. Their weight varies between 30 kilogrames/65 libres and 200 kilograms/440 libres.  
They  loose body heat faster than other cretaceans and can not rely on fat reserves, having to eat frequently.  Avoiding accidental or violent death, the average porpoise can survive a full decade from its birth. Instances of porpoises living to be approximately 20-years-old  have been noted. They typically hunt in shallow coastal waters but can dive to the depth of 200 meters. They are among the fastest cetaceans with speeds of 55 kilometres per hour/34 miles per hour.

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