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Porky Pig is a chubby pink pig. He is pitted against Daffy Duck during some of his cartoons. Porky stutters while he speaks and is one of Warner Brother most popular characters.

Dodo and Porky

He was first introduced in the Warner Bros cartoon I Haven't Got a Hat in 1935 and created by animator Bob Clampett. Like many actors, he started out with small roles, then became a leading man. He was one of the Warner Bros cartoons brightest stars until he got eclipsed by Daffy Duck, who got eclipsed by Bugs Bunny. He is often portrayed as the straight man and paired up with more outrageous characters (like Daffy) and currently usually appears as a sidekick or supporting character.

He appears regularly in comics when the Looney Tunes gang are published, and had his own book for several years.

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