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A Prickly Situation !

Born with rough patches that eventually grew into long quills, Peter Dursin never let his appearance get him down. Loved by his caring parents and accepted warmly by his classmates, Pete tried out for the Legion with a wide smile and an ability to project his quills from his body. However, his aim was less than ideal and he was rejected. The Legion of Substitute-Heroes, however, welcomed the young man warmly into their ranks.

Firing his quills.

The Subs saw little action however, and Pete saw even less, as he was frequently absent from team gatherings. While he did seem to harbor some feelings for fellow Sub Infectious Lass, the relationship never grew past friendship and Peter slowly drifted away from the young hero group. This didn't stop Brek Bannin, his former Subs teammate Polar Boy, from recruiting Peter into the Legion ranks when the team needed numbers.

After the final dissolution of the Legion, Peter joined many of his former teammates in an underground resistance against the Dominators, a group of aliens who were secretly controlling the Earth. Training himself in the use of his abilities and the piloting of several vessels, Porcupine Pete served with honor until his homeworld was freed. Afterwards, he went on to become a trainer at the United Planets Militia Academy.

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