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Pooch is a so-called "low-beast" from the hell-like dimension of Nef. There he served under an agent of the Nef Lords. When Cassie Hack and Georgia Peaches were sent to Nef by Six Sixx to serve as sacrifices for the Nef Lords, Pooch filled them in over the nature of their predicament in exchange for being petted. Cassie and Georgia eventually managed to escape Nef, after Pooch's master was accidentally killed.

Pooch was later sent to Earth by the Nef Lords in order for him to track down and kill "The Most Hated Cassandra Hack". However, being a resident of the hell-like Nef, Pooch was unprepared for the cold of winter in Ohio. He wound up being found by Chris Krank who'd been on the lookout for Nef beings after Cassie had heard someone was coming for her. Pooch quickly took a liking to Chris and Lisa, and lost sight of his mission to kill Cassie.

Pooch challenges Kuma.

Upon realizing his disobedience however, the Nef Lords sent another agent, Kuma, to kill both Cassie and Pooch. With his enhanced sense of smell, Pooch quickly sensed Kuma's arrival to Earth and attempted to flee for his life. However, with Kuma now heading for the home of Chris and Lisa, Pooch felt guilty for abandoning his kind, new masters. He therefore challenged Kuma and led her away. Despite his small size, Pooch put up a valiant effort against Kuma, but nearly froze to death again in the cold. With the help of Kyle however, Chris was able to get Kuma into the local pet clinic's gas chamber and kill her. Pooch managed to recover and was once again very grateful to Chris and Lisa.

Powers & Abilities

Pooch smells Kuma.

Pooch has a highly-enhanced sense of smell, much like regular dogs, except his may actually be even more enhanced than that. When Kuma arrived on Earth, Pooch was able to almost instantly pick up her scent and make out just what she was. He's also once stated that he can smell lies. Although Pooch can speak and understand English, he's also able to understand the language of animals. Pooch isn't usually all too bright, but he can be quite resourceful and insightful at times.

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