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Pam is a metahuman with the ability to sell any type of insurance policy to anyone. Deciding to call herself Policy Pam, she trained under former Legionnaire Polar Boy as the defense force for the planet Tartarus. When Prince Evillo regained his power on Tartarus, Pam offered her business, Eternal Damnation Life Insurance, as a hideout. 
The ragtag group finally launched an attack on Evillo's palace when they rescued Matter-Eater Lad from being tortured, The attack ended disastrously and the team was captured. Evillo used the residual Miracle Machine in the captured Matter-Eater Lad to animate the gigantic Destroyer he was building. In the chaos Pam and the others were freed. While most of her teammates did most of the heavy lifting, Pam took the opportunity to try and sell home owner's insurance to Evillo.

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