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Polestar is sponsored by a man named James Johnsmeyer who invested a lot of money to produce his power suit that generates a magnetic field that allows him to attract and repel various objects of his choice. Mr. Johnsmeyer hired numerous mercenaries including Polestar, Joystick and Rhino to participate in the Great Game where they would earn points and profits if they could successfully eliminate Kaine and Spider Man. Polestar and Joystick enter the fray when Rhino attacks Kaine and Muse. Spider Man interfered during the fight and the villains involved knew that the wall crawler was worth double points in the Great Game. Polestar told Spider Man that his sponsor expected results and he could lose his job if he didn't produce the desired returns by the end of the fiscal quarter. 
Polestar's magnetic aura repelled Spider Man's webbing but the web-head caused Polestar to crash into a wall during the fight. Polestar emerged from the rubble and was knocked out by Spider Man. Polestar and Rhino were defeated and apprehended by the authorities. 
Polestar continued to play in the Great Game and attempted to kidnap a young boy named Nolan who was the son of Dr. Ashley Croix that worked for Morelle Pharmaceuticals. Nolan had special abilities and was the only test subject of Project Sharkskin which dealt with skin grafts and nanotechnology. Peter Parker and Betty Brant was visiting with Dr. Croix when Polestar had Nolan in his electromagnetic clutches. Parker tried to jump Polestar but was swatted away. Two participants in the Great Game entered the fray, Night Watch and Black-Bull. Polestar and Black-Bull decided to work together against Nightwatch. Polestar used an electromagnetic pulse to peel away the nanites from Nightwatch's armor and exposed enough flesh for Black-Bull to get the kill shot with his shotgun. Polestar believed this new merger had unlimited potential but Black-Bull betrayed his brief partner and shot him between the eyes with his pistol.  

Powers & Abilities

Polestar wears a power suit that generates a magnetic field that allows him to attract and repel various metal objects of his choice. The suit emits a green aura that protects him from various projectiles and even Spider Man's webbing cannot adhere to it. The suit also provides him the ability to fly.

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