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As Tim starts to become comfortable with his new powers, he begins fighting the good fight unconventionally, attacking evils relevant to people of his generation. Meanwhile, Dr. Mays seems to have his own plans for Tim...

Issue #3 of POLARITY is teeming with even more dark humor and commentary on the life of an indecisive 20-something year old as only SAY ANYTHING frontman, Max Bemis could write.

Each issue comes with a free download for a new original song written and performed by Max Bemis!


1970: A little boy approaches his mother's room and sees her sitting in a corner. The boy complains of hunger and the mother turns on him with a knife. She babbles about the boy's unholy origins and how he wants to kill her. The boy begs her to stop talking crazy.

The present: Dr. Mays conducts a session with a man named Milton who is concerned about a wildebeest in his stomach.

Across town, Tim dons pantyhose and downs ten Red Bulls to prepare for his next heroic act. He scales a building (by thrusting his hands into the brick) and jumps through a window where a local thug is selling cocaine to two hipsters. Tim slaps the man around until he passes out. One of the hipsters pees himself.

Another day, Tim and Lily take a walk in the park. Tim admits that he is looking to change the world with his gifts. Lily is impressed and the two inch closer for a first kiss. Tim's phone rings. Dr. Mays has an emergency and needs to see Tim immediately. Tim promises to tell Lily a bit later why he has to run off and ruin the moment.

In Dr. Mays's office, Tim receives some shocking news: Dr. Mays wants to abort their experiment and have Tim live on pills permanently to quash his superpowers. Dr. Mays is concerned about the risks Tim has been taking and wishes for things to go back to how they were before. Tim agrees.

That night, Tim invites Lily along to a Monday night tradition of watching the city lights along the East River with Adam. Adam is impressed that Tim has brought Lily around so quickly and immediately begins telling embarrassing stories from Tim's past. Tim is good-natured about it all and gets a few playful glances from Lily. Out of nowhere, however, a monster latches itself to Adam's neck and kills him. Lily stomps on the little creature and she and Tim run for their lives.

They hide in an alley and Tim begins to explain his superpowers. Before he gets too far, however, Dr. Mays calls. Relieved, Tim asks what is going on. Dr. Mays then walks into the alley and explains that he's pulling the plug on Tim, permanently. Tim is too much of a loose cannon to be allowed to operate on his own and he must be killed. (Adam had simply gotten in the way.) Tim's pills wear off and he can read Mays's mind and sees tons of horrific images, including a little boy killing his mother. Dr. Mays acts indifferent and walks off as he explains that Tim is not the only special person he has visits with. Tim and Lily look down the alley and see Milton. Milton spews a horde of demonic monsters that head towards Tim and Lily.

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