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With great power comes great responsibility, but who has time for that in the New York City art scene? Tim is finally realizing that his powers are not just a manifestation of his manic depression, and what better way to use them than to exact total revenge on the hipsters and jocks that have tormented him? Tune in to issue #2 of POLARITY where Tim defames and debases hipsters as only SAY ANYTHING frontman Max Bemis could write.

Each issue comes with a free download for a new original song written and performed by Max Bemis!


Tim arrives at Dr. Mays office and asks for help. He then pukes all over Dr. Mays. Tim is invited in for some pills and Dr. Mays changes clothes. Tim lays on the doctor's couch and admits that he's not really sure what happened that evening. He thinks he killed a man. Dr. Mays explains that Tim actually did kill that man. He then explains that Tim is special in that he has a superhuman form of bipolar disorder. In fact, Tim has been a case study for years and is under constant surveillance. It is presumed that the more manic Tim becomes the powerful he gets. Unable to handle this very bizarre information, Tim once again pukes on the doctor. Dr. Mays showers but is now out of shirts.

The two men sit bare chested as Tim tries to reconcile everything he's just learned. Realizing the reality of it all, Tim wonders if he should come clean and be held responsible for that man's death. Dr. Mays assures him that the organization he works for will take care of it all. No one will ever know of the man's death. Dr. Mays then gives Tim pills to sedate his powers. Tim decides to go along with this latest news for the time being.

Tim wakes up the next day and feels almost normal. He receives a text from Alexis about a dinner party at a friend's loft. He reluctantly attends. He can't stand sitting there thinking about his powers while the people around vaunt their tastes in Bob Dylan records. He then gets the idea to have some fun with his powers. He can tell Alexis is buzzed and he asks her from some drugs to kick-start his powers. She agrees. Upon exiting the bathroom he runs into Alexis who begins to introduce Tim to a guy. Tim reads the guy's mind and blurts out that he already knows who Rob is and that Alexis slept with him the night prior. He then reveals a few secrets about Alexis and then walks back to the other dinner partiers to expose their secrets. He does so and then leaves the party on a high note.

On his way home, Tim passes some street toughs that typically give him a hard time. He handily beats them all up and continues on his way. He takes a pill that night.

In the morning Tim feels great. But painting is too difficult. He takes some puffs to get his juices flowing and begins working feverishly. Tim's art broker loves it, as it seems to be a return to Tim's former style.

The next day, Tim heads to his old high school to confront a class of kids that tormented the likes of him back in the day. Sure enough, he finds some jocks picking on a geeky looking kid. Tim stops the hazing by whipping off the towel of the lead jock and bends the kid over his knee. He spanks the jock like there's no tomorrow and then leaves before the cops can show up to arrest him for beating a high school kid.

Thursday rolls around and Tim heads to a bar to hopefully bump into Lily. Dr. Mays calls and informs Tim that surveillance seems to show that Tim isn't following the pill regimen. Tim says he's got it under control and hangs up. He immediately finds Lily and attempts to flirt with her. She calls him on his sad-sack approach and he tries again. The new approach works and she gives him her number. They then share a booth as they get to know each other.

Later, Tim sits atop a roof and ponders his situation. He realizes he's been immature with his powers and decides to do something to better society with his skills. He heads to a free, trendy concert and sets his concentration on Juicebox, an entertainment star who has made a career based on militancy mixed with bling. He sneaks backstage and takes down a body guard. He enters Juicebox's room and finds a mask. He then rushes onstage and takes Juicebox's microphone. He compels Juicebox to admit that she uses blood diamonds to adorn her costumes and she does so upon hearing that he knows her supplier's name. He exits the stage content with what he accomplished.

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