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What comics to I pick up to read about all of this?? :)  


After M-Day
After the events of " M-Day," in which the majority of mutants lost their powers, Lorna also lost her mutant gene and her magnetic powers. Lorna attempted to hide her loss of powers from her fellow teammates fearing she would be kicked off the team. She was confronted by Valerie Cooper who knew Lorna had lost her powers, but Lorna would claim that it was a psychological thing that was preventing her from accessing her powers. When she was nearly killed because she could not access her powers, Lorna finally admitted that she had lost her powers. She ended up leaving with Alex watching over her. During her journey, Lorna was kidnapped by an alien named Doop who crashed on Earth, and was also a creature that Lorna saw in space on an earlier mission.  
Lorna soon was kidnapped by Apocalypse and transformed into one of his Horsemen of Apocalypse known as Pestilence. Lorna had the ability to ingest and create new plagues. Apocalypse also used his advanced technology to give Lorna back a magnetic power similar to the powers she lost on M-Day. While under his influence and brainwashed, Lorna infiltrated the World Health Organization and rook the viruses there to create a meta-plague. Apocalypse had planned to infect all of humanity so that he could offer a cure to only 10% of the population.  
Lorna as Pestilence

They would battle the X-Men and New Avengers when they finally discover Pestilence was actually Lorna. Lorna would be able to resist Apocalypse and would later recover in the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning.Gambit and Sunfire would return to the X-Mansion and try to recover Lorna, but they battle the X-Men and fail. Lorna would leave the mansion that night to search forApocalypse in Egypt and would eventually be rescued by Havok and the X-Men. It is unknown whyApocalypse gave Lorna back her magnetic abilities, as they weren't a part of his plans before being thwarted by the X-Men.    

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This all happens between X-Men #178- #187!! :)
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@Baddamdog: thank you! :) 

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