What Should Be Dont With Her?

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Polaris has been around since the late 60's, she's one of the few characters that didn't benefit from Claremont's run during the 70's and 80's...she didn't even become relevant again until her X-Factor days in the 90's...during the mid-00's she rejoined the X-Men as a part of Havok's team...she's currently in space... 
anyways, what this thread is about is ideas as to what can be done to strike more people's interest in her character... 
personally I don't think Havok's a good partner for her...then idea of them is good, but the actual product isn't...when she's with him she just seems to be his arm candy rather than her own individual person... 
I'd prefer to see her with Iceman... 
but aside from that how can her character be improved what stories can be told about her? 
I'm hoping to see something about her and Magneto after The Children's Crusade and after she gets back from space... 


EDIT: The topic should said "What Should She Be Done With Her"...I hate typos :(
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She should leave Alex and spend some time on her own relationship wise. 
She should meet up with Magneto and find out about her origins as well as what the Celestial technology did to her as he is one of the only X-Men who can say he studied their tech. 
She should join a team or lead a team fighting for mutant rights seperate from the X-Men.

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They hneed to get her back on Earth, first...

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it looks like she might be joining (or at least teaming up with) X-Force...probably for some Apoc storyline
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I agree with everyone. I think she is a really undervalued character. She wasn't even on the female cover of issue 500 of Uncanny X-men even though she is the second woman to join the X-men. I agree that they should bring her back to earth, have her break up with Havok, acknowledge her origins and relationship with Magneto (as well as the rest of her family), but also acknowledge her secondary mutation (emotion absorption). I think she could be a really awesome and popular character, they just need to develop her more! :]

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I agree...I think what she needs first is a writer that's really interested in her character and I can't really think of any at Marvel right now
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I think she's more than due for a little time in the spotlight again 
it's been far too long since she's been used properly 
I really liked her with the Starjammers, but I would prefer her to be back on a team that's, you know, here on earth
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She needs to come back to Earth and to all what she can do.

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seems like she'll be showing up in Uncanny X-Force...I don't think she'll join the team, although recently she's completely opened to killing her enemies (and even Professor Xavier)
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I really love Polaris and Havok. However, I think once back on Earth they should take a break as she explores her origins. I mean we've never even learned who her mother is! 
After some soul searching and a new "fleshing out" then they can begin to court again. It should be slow though like you guys were saying I don't want her to just be eye candy.
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@Angel Eena:
the mother thing is another thing, I sorta have an issue with...she's a character that's been around since the 60's and we don't actually have a definitive origin for her... 
if they do ever give us an X-Men Origins: Polaris...who would ya'll like to see do the art? 
I'd like to see Mike Mayhew, he did an amazing job on X-Men Origins: Jean Grey
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ok...so looks like she probably won't be showing up in Uncanny X-Force after all :(

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