i am new to polaris what comic i should pick she had big part in

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i want to know more about polaris what comic i should pick so i know her personality better
i've red a war king one and i thought she is mini me scarlet witch
she got power of her dad and range of her sister 
but i love her  

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@jetgirl: King Breaker gives you great detail on her current level of power, :)
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@jetgirl: Well, Polaris will be debuting in the upcoming Uncanny X-Force story arc this October.
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I'd say the first volume of X-Factor, starting with #70 or #71. These issues are from the 90's, so they are not the most recent, but it was the series she was most prevalent in. Link to all the issues of that series she was in:  http://www.comicvine.com/polaris/29-1473/x-factor/49-3657/ 
You can also see which issues of which comics Polaris has been in by looking at her appearances on her character page. If you don't know what that is it looks like this: 

Click on the little grey links that say "# appearances" (such as "77 appearances" under X-Factor) to see all her appearances in that volume. 
X-Factor is collected into trades from #71-89 as X-Factor Visionaries: Peter David, which you can get for $10-15 on Amazon.

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