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There a few type advantages and disadvantages I like to argue. Shouldn’t electric and ice attack be more effective on steel. Steel can conduct electricity and steel can conduct on extreme temperatures. I think concentrated blizzard could do that. Another is electricity on bug poison there was joke about it but that should be listed. Here is the link to that joke

Other than argue type advantages I like to talk about dark type. With dark matter discovered you think that will change dark types. Back than dark type was considered evil type in the original version. MY guess it is demon lore to them. Most attacks of their type can be considered dirty fighting. Some examples include Sucker Punch, Bite, Fake Tears and Thief. The discovery of dark matter would probably make new Pokémon probably dark and electric or dark psychic. There three forms of dark matter so far they are: cold dark matter, warm dark matter, and hot dark matter. It is a new discovery so the facts are not clear yet

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