Pokémon Gen 6 is coming!

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what are your thoughts so far? what do you want to see?

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sorry, beat you to it.


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My li'l bro is gonna flip when he sees it. I stopped after Generation 4. I hope the designs are better than gen 5's. I wasn't digging most of them.

I can't wait to see this generation's Pikachu, Mewtwo, and hitmonlee/hitmonchop or whatever it was called. I liked the fifth gen's versions, Sawk and Throh. To this day, though, my favorite Pokemon game is Crystal.

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@Avenging-X-Bolt: no problem! it happens ahhaah

@Twentyfive: Im really sorry to hear that, hope you get back on train with gen 6 then! hope your lil bro keeps digging these pocket monsters!

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@Jorgevy: I might. I am tempted to now that I know that the series is now online. I just have to get another 3DS. After generation 4, my brother took my 3DS because his broke. Never really played it since. There's no real reason to stay away from the series.

What was your favorite game? Mine is crystal. First one I played competitively with my friends in school and on my block. And the music was great!

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@Twentyfive: mine was silver. The music from Gen 2 was indeed great, the remakes have brought me a lot of memories, specially the soundtrack. It's funny because although Gen 2 is where I started it's the Gen I least like. My favorite is Gen 3, Emerald was awesome. Im currently trying to finish the gen 5 games but they're harder than they used to be and I don't have much time currently. and yeah, playing with friends is fantastic, I still do it with the few friends that still play the games!

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@Jorgevy: I guess I should get another 3DS, and prepare myself for some online Pokemon play lol. It has been a while since I played it on a competitive level, and I never really played against people in double battles, and I see that gen 5 has triple battles. That seems a little hectic, but I'll see. Haha.

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@Twentyfive: actually the triple battles are EXTREMELY strategic, loads of fun too

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@Jorgevy: I will definitely peep that.

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Definitely getting Fennekin! I love foxes.

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The legendary deer reminds me of forest spirit from the movie Princess Monooke

I would like to see an exercise machines to train Pokémon so I do not have made an excuse to beat up entire habitat in order to make my Pokémon stronger. That will make fighting Pokémon fun as those EV trainers now have a more practical way training their Pokémon. A mining job so I can get stones easier or at least able to buy them and other type combinations with bug. I would like to see counter shield to bee scene it is an interesting idea that Ash. It is shield the first turn and then ensnarement the next.

Anyone have checklist on what they haven’t made pokemon of?

Vikings, valkaries, woodmen aka mokkojins, creatures that resemble Sila and Charybidis than again again Sila would be enough.

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@MatKrenz said:

my thoughts exactly

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I loved gen 6.

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I chose chespin

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