Best Pokemon of all time.

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He is the pimp of all pokemon
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@CortSether said:
" 1) Weezing 2) Kabutops 3) Hitmonchan 4) Machamp 5) Tentacruel 6) Arbok 7) Charizard 8) Raikou 9) Raichu 10) Octillery "
Yuck, no. 


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Charizard, Tyranitar, Dragonite, Metagross, Salamence, Gyarados, Luxray, Staraptor, Roserade, Gengar
And as for everybody saying that the first 150 were the best, I don't agree to that. I think everybody says that because of some childhood nostalgia, or because they were the original Pokemon. I bet if some of the new bad-looking Pokemon Black & White designs were among the first Pokemon from Kanto, people would just say that they love them just because they were the first 150. I, myself, really liked the Diamond & Pearl Pokemon, because of all the new choices of attacks, but I've got my Top 10. You may not think that they're bad-ass or anything, but a lot of my choices of Pokemon depended on how attached I got to them in the games.

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Arcanine, easily, ha.

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@babywix said:  
 Charizard, Tyranitar, Dragonite, Metagross, Salamence, Gyarados and Gengar are certifiably bad-@ass.
 But, I disagree with you about how it's only nostalgia playing a role in people liking the older generations of Pokemon. 
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You're all wrong. It's Mr. Fish: 

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@Gambit1024 said:
You're all wrong. It's Mr. Fish: 



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Mew two

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