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On there way to Alamos Town for a Pokemon Contest, Ash, Dawn and Brock meet a girl named Alice and her Chimchar. Alice runs a hot-air balloon tour of Alamos. While Alice is showing Ash and his friends around, Alice's friend Tonio is seen sitting in his lab reading the dairy of his great grandfather, Godey. The dairy tells of a great disaster that will befall Alimos Town, it also tells of Alice's grandmother, Alicia, in the great garden and how she had met and befriended Darkrai, by playing the song 'Oracion' on a leaf whistle. 
Taking a break from their tour Ash and his friends participate in a battle against three trainers and their Torterra, Infernape and Empoleon. Alice finishes her tour by showing Ash, Dawn and Brock the garden in which her Grandmother used to play in. Ash and his friends let their Pokemon out of their PokeBalls to allow them to play in the garden, however it wasn't long before a fight broke out between the trainers' Pokemon and a group of wild Pokemon over some berries. In order to break up the fight and calm the Pokemon down Alice plays Oracion on a leaf whistle of her own. Amazed by what had happened Ash, Dawn and Brock stare at Alice. Alice then goes on to explain the the song she played has some mystic property that can calm even the most savage of raging Pokemon. Suddenly a Gallade appears urging Alice to see a part of the garden that had seemingly been destroyed where they meet Tonio. As the group were investigating a man named Baron Alberto arrived declaring that the destruction was caused by the 'evil' Darkrai. Then from the shadows Darkrai emerged warning them to leave, however Baron Alberto orders his Lickilicky to attack. In retaliation Darkrai creates an attack of his own which accidentally hits Ash, who immediately blacks out.   
Meanwhile in an alternate dimension a fierce battle rages between two legendary Dragon Pokemon, Palkia and Dialga.   
In a nightmare Ash dreams that Pikachu is great danger before he is awoken by his real Pikachu with a thundershock.  When Ash awakens Tonio explains how the Time/Space continuum around Alamos Town is being affected some how. Still convinced that Darkrai was the cause Baron Alberto rallies the Pokemon Trainers of the town, including Jessie, James and Meowth of Team Rocket, to put an end to the Dark Pokemon's reign. Ash and his friends however do not follow the Baron as they choice to listen to Tonio who doesn't believe Darkrai is to blame. Tonio believes Darkrai is truly good as he witnessed the pokemon save Alice when she was a child.  
Tonio explains that the Space/Time distortion is caused from the spiritual images of the sleeping Pokemon was made by a multidimensional disturbance from when the legendary Palkia entered the realm. As the day went on Baron Antonio's hunt continued and in the battle that followed many trainers' Pokemon were KOed, but due to a side-affect of the warped reality astral images of the KOed Pokemon began running around the town. Along with this unforeseen circumstance Baron Alberto also suffered a strange side-affect as his body turned into that of a Lickilicky.  
Darkrai locates Palkia who was hiding invisibly by the towns bell tower and proceeds to attack, as Darkrai knows Palkia is the true cause of the Space/Time abnormality.  Seeing Palkia and the arrival of Dialga, Tonio realizes that this is the disaster that his great-grandfather's dairy tells of. As the two dragons wage war the reality around the town begins to tear apart at an increased rate. Darkrai attempts to intervene in Palkia's and Dialga's battle and seemingly is able to hold his own against the two behemoths. While Darkrai fends off the dragons' attacks the entire town evacuates to the seemingly safest place in the town, the great garden. After rereading the dairy Tonio thinks of a plan, the bell tower has a music disk that plays Oracion, stating that Oracion  is the song that could soothe even the fiercest rage. Brock stays in the park to help ward of the dragons' attacks while Ash, Pikachu, Dawn, Alice and Tomio race to the Bell tower to put the plan in action. The increased power of Palkia and Dialga has now caused the reality around Alamos to literally begin to vanish. Ash and friends reach the tower but only Ash, Pikachu and Dawn are able to make it inside as the tower begins to disappear right before them, Alice and Tonio manage to get away via hot-air balloon. racing up the bell tower with it vanishing under their feet Ash and Dawn manage to reach the top with the help of their Pokemon. Finding the music disk they need Ash and Dawn run into one more problem, the tower no longer has any power. 
Outside both Palkia and Dialga grow more and more agitated and upon unleashing an attack that would have destroyed Alomos, Darkrai sacrifices himself in order to save the town. Witnessing this Alice bursts into tears leaning on Tonio for comfort.  Baron Alberto who had finally reverted back to his true body also witnessed Darkrai's sacrifice and now knew that the Pokemon was not the cause of the towns problems. 
Back inside the Bell Tower Ash and Dawn mangaed to jump start the tower's mechanics with the help of Pikachu and Pachirisu. As the melody of Oracion rang out through the town almost magically Dialga and Palkia calmed down. Dialga then leaves for it's own dimension and the town slowly begins to reappear into reality. As Palkia is about to leave he is Stopped by Ash, Dawn and Alice who begin to yell at the mighty dragon for being the cause of the death of the brave Darkrai. Palkia saw the sorrow within Alice and let out a roar. In a flash of bright light Palkia disapears.
At dusk the towns people thank the seemingly passed Darkrai and respect for everything he had done for Alamos Town. As tears form in the eyes of Alice, Dawn and Ash a great shadow is cast from atop of the Bell Tower. Everyone looks up to see the shadowy guardian of Alamos Town stand heroically atop the tower, Darkrai lives! 
The following day the Alamos Pokemon Contest begins, in which Dawn participates.

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