The flaws of pokemon adventures

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You know someone needed to expose its flaws. Allot have exposed Pokémon animated series and we had a few good chuckles. We knew series was not perfect and we knew there was good moments that we wish were explored more. This inspired many fan fictions. Now it is time for the fans in Pokémon adventures to be honest. What are the errors of the series? Yes, your series under appreciated but you should not ignore the bad parts. Those are thing that needs to be fixed. This and shows it show you can be humble.

Here is one of them. Green or blue, Fans have difficulties on what name she suppose to stick with, and any nonfans would not care. If adaption of her to be made she we be called marina for being pun for the confusion. Now I feel that few of the flaws of the series can be seen from her. She can be clever but many of her victories she does not deserve. She number 3 in the Pokémon tournament. This is why the tournament was weak other being rushed. She was a thief that did not deserve to be highly ranked as she took many shortcuts. she does have her good point and the mistakes can be easily fixed.


Hareta is considered the jump the shark moment in the series. I thought his partner was far more interesting as she showed was a double agent. The part of rushing Piplup evolution to empolion was stupid because it relied on evolution t as dues ex machina. When he fought Team Galactic was lame as they tried to be Team Rocket from the animated series but fail at it big time since they have no depth. The way they ended the animated did it better since the villain did get what he wanted. This was when the animated series surpass the Pokemon Adventures.

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Okay this isn't the same Pokemon Adventure I read. I was confused there for a second.

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@MatKrenz: My mistake Hareta is not cannon with the Pokemon adventures i think, but green is. by the way you mean this Pokemon Adventures series. There are several versions some of them cut stories which adds to the confusion. This does make it difficult for judge it completely.

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I think it depend's on where your from when it comes to her name. In Japan she is known as Blue, where as Gary essentially is known as Green, but in America and Europe he became known as Blue. Most translations of the Manga will have her as Green and him as Blue. I'm only on the Ruby and Sapphire part of the manga but I highly enjoy it, more than the anime because it's follows closely the original Game's and does a great job at interconnecting the various generation's and characters.

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@Hazlenaut: Oh no Hareta is definitely not cannon with Adventures. First off his name is Diamond (just like everyone else in the series, all the main characters are named after the handlheld games). Secondly he has a Turtwig and not a Piplup and thirdly he isn't energetic all at, he is the most laid back and slowest person in the series but in a good way.

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How about pokemon black and white, is that cannon? Saw his battle with Elisa it was reckless and they depict that that as brave.When he was stuck on a roller coaster Elise said would as this was not one of the challenges. Gym leaders can fight on top of a volcano they can set up the rules as they please for the match, but of the rules they need to follow is to keep their gym in good condition. So roller coast broke down it was her bad. She was against him being stuck on a roller coaster because someone could get hurt but black refused. He felt trainer must be ready for any challenges. That is true but trainer must be able to take care of his/her Pokémon and go against mistreatment of Pokémon.

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@Hazlenaut: Sorry I haven't replied because I haven't seen the comment. About Black/White I don't know if that fight happens in the Black\white chapters because I haven't read it partly because I haven't finished reading the Platinum arc.

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i used to read it and quite enjoy it but dropped it when i got done with pokemon,i still play the games but that's about it..

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@MatKrenz: I reviewed those two arcs I gave them an average score on the first one and below average second one.

I liked Platinum’s actual body guards. I addressed the flaws in my reviews. Did it get better after that.

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@Hazlenaut: Well I love the majority of the series as a whole so I can't say if it gets better or not because it's always. With the exception of Emerald, like the story but did not like Emerald as a character.

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