Why Harley and Ivy?

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Though their relationship seems to have been retconned in the new 52 universe, almost everybody familiar with the characters knows that Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are often considered to be best friends.

They often are seen teaming up not to achieve some higher goals but due to a geniune friendship.

This got me thinking: why is that? What is it that makes the two characters compatible?

The reason I put this in the Ivy forum is because her caring for Harley is what perplexes me the most. Harley Quinn is generally open to forming friendships and relationships more than Ivy. Whereas Ivy has little regard for human life and hasn't generally been shown to care for other humans. What is it about Harley that makes Ivy so accepting of her? Was the reason behind their friendship ever truly explored in a comic?

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I think the reason for Ivy's affection mostly lies in Harley's rather tragic situation of an abusive relationship with the Joker. Ivy sympathizes with Harley due to having been in a similar situation (at least I think so) with Jason Woodrue and feels sorry for her. Ivy also becomes protective of Harley and becomes something of a big sister to her, wanting her to walk away from the abuse she is so accustomed to by the Joker. It is also due to his poor treatment of Harley why Ivy hates the Joker as much as she does.

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@SupBatz: i think @thewidowsbite: has it right. I have always seen their relationship as friends as a big sister little sister kind of relationship. Ivy seems to want to protect Harley (specially when she seems to be at her most vulnerable). She doesnt like people picking on Harley

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Widows got it. Ivy wants to help out Harley because Harley's in such a badly abusive relationship. Plus, Harley's red compliments Ivy's green. So there's that.

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I think Ivy sees a bit of her past in Harley; Joker is abusive to Harley, Jason Woodrue was abusive to Ivy, Harley is a bit of a wallflower, Ivy used to be one too.

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I honestly have no idea. Guess Paul Dini just thought they worked together

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