what is Ivey's relationship with Catwoman?

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Are they good friends,somewhat enemy's,rivals? 
I've seen the interact atleast one time in the comics...but not many 
what about the other women of Gotham?

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You should read Gotham City Sirens, in which they are on a team together, I would say they are pretty good friends. 
Her relationship with Harley Quinn is the same. 
I'm not sure on the rest of the Gotham women though.

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They seem to get along quite well in GCS, though in other stories I don't know. 
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@TheSheepHerder: I do remember Catwoman and Poison Ivy having another confrontation, but it was resolved. They seemed fine in the Catwoman series as well.
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I have yet to read GCS but in Hush Catwoman hated Ivy.

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@AgentOfAnarchy said:
" I have yet to read GCS but in Hush Catwoman hated Ivy. "
 Wow i always thought they were pretty mutual.i had lost track of Ivy for a minute because stopped keeping up with DC. 
Cat and Ivy are my faves from the bat Universe.
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*Ivy btw ;)
And I think in GCS they are only friends because of Harley's connection to the both of them, otherwise I think they would hate eachother. But now they've come to all like eachother equally.

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@Aqua11500: In Hush Ivy controls Catwoman in order to steal some money from a job Croc was pulling off, when they see each other again Catwoman punches her in the face ^_^ Catwoman and Ivy are two of my fav's I wondedr how they dealt with that conflict in GCS if it was even adressed.
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They f***ing hate each other. And I don;t blame Ivy. I've always hated catwoman.
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I wanted to start reading Sirens,it sounds cool by what others are telling me.I've seen instances of them interacting before,but it was brief.Poison Ivy bumps heads with alot of women in Gotham and villains alike(besides Harley),but I think Ivy and Catwoman's relationship is a mutual respect,i wouldn't say they have a real friend ship like Harley and Ivy.but they seem to be associates at best joining forces together when needed. 
They are basically my two favorite characters out of the Batman universe.

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