What if Ivy confronts evil plants

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Since Ivy trying to be good how about she fights evil alien fruit trees. During the Silver Age the metal men have to face giant Amazon robots. They became large by eating/drinking fruit which messes with their personalities. Any robot that eats/drinks/absorbs the juice become giant and evil. This means the trees are either evil/something has affected them. That means Ivy has to communicate with them in order to save two worlds and possibly have to fight one.

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LOL, wut?

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It seems that there is some confusion. Ivy is now working in birds of prey

The fruit that mess with robots personalities was from Metal Men. They were on another planet. The Metal Men did not stop the robots from eating the fruit. They only stopped the male robots from being under oppression from female robots. The robots would still be effect by the juice. It was plot hole in that story.

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Plants can be evil?

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If the plant is capable of consciously being evil I thinik they would probably be immune to her control, though she probably could communicate with it on some level.

Also I still have little to no idea what you are trying to say....

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yes they can


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@joshmightbe said:

yes they can



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@joshmightbe said:
yes they can


Am I the only one who is reminded of those plants in Super Mario 64 that try and eat you and shoot fireballs? xD
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@RainEffect: This movie came nearly a decade before the Nintendo 64 and was a remake of a movie from the 60s maybe it inspired the plants from Mario

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