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In the BTAS episode "Pretty Poison," Harvey Dent and Pamela Isley. They share an extremely passionate kiss during a dinner with Bruce Wayne. (this kiss was much too...sensual for a Y7 television show if you ask me...) Ivy had dated Harvey in order to kill him as payment for the destruction of rare roses that were in a lot that was to be used to build the Gotham Penetentiary... I got to thinking... What if Pamela became pregnant during the..."seduction"? I know, I know...my mind went that direction. I wasnt more focused on the procreation though,... What would the child be like? how would Harvey react to his "fatherhood?" How would Two face react? How would Ivy treat the child? I already have an RP account on twitter based on my presumptions.

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Harvey did end up with a daughter, Duela Dent. She went a little whacky and called herself Joker's Daughter (along with the daughter of every other Batman villain). All I recall of his reaction was that he was very upset that she wasn't a twin. Ivy having a human baby... hm. Might actually give her a greater respect for human life depending on how far gone she is.

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in Batman: the animated series. poison ivy says that due to her natural immunity to poisons and toxins she could not have children.... so... no babies for ivy.

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well, if she COULD....

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well actually ivy has stated in the comics and in the show that she has always wanted children because part of her goal to green the world is to change the way people think and do to nature, so if she was able to have children she would raise them the way she wants the whole world to be. unfortunately she is poisonous so no babies.

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Her biology makes it impossible to have kids BUT...If she wanted to, maybe she could perform some kind of surgery to make it possible. Eh, that's just me though.

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