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I apologize if this topic has been posted be4. I tried searching for it but didn't find anything.

My question is: What color is Poison Ivy's skin? I ask because I've seen her with the

normal skin color for a Caucasian woman & I've seen her with green skin. I know she had normal

skin color when she was introduced in the 60s so I was wondering if something happened

that changed her skin green or was that just an artists' interpretation of her? Thanks in advance!

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She could change it post dcnu

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Her skin was made from chloryphyll, so it should be green.

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 In Ivy's original (Silver Age) incarnation, she had normal flesh-toned skin. After her origin was ret-conned in the Modern Age, Ivy's skin became green due to the plant toxins that had been injected into her. This gave her the power to draw energy from sunlight like plants do, because her physiology had become more plant-like. Even more recently, Ivy has learned to control the chlorophyll level in her skin, so she can change her skin color back to normal if she wants to appear human, though she has said that it requires concentration to do so. So that explains why you still sometimes see her with normal flesh tones. Anyway, I hope that helps answer all your questions. Her normal skin tone is green, but like a chameleon, she can change it to flesh tone if she wishes.
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@Jetshade: That was a perfect explanation! Thanks so much

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No problem. :)
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Since the question is already answered I'll just throw out the fact that I prefer her green skin.

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Green is beautiful : )

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I prefer her green-skinned.

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