Poison Ivy's redesign

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The general trend for New 52 redesigns are that they're (more or less) universally hated or universally liked. But I haven't heard many opinions about Ivy's new look.

Poison Ivy is a character who has gone through a heck of a lot of different looks. She's had green skin, white skin, an outfit composed of leaves, a one-piece body suit, exposed legs, unexposed legs

Here's just a few

So I put the question: what is the prefered Ivy look?


Me personally, I like the new 52 design as drawn by Jason Fabok (Detective Comics). I'm glad that he doesn't use the black face tattoos that are prominent in the art of Birds of Prey. And he keeps her beautiful but not exposed while incorporating the plant aspect very well.

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i'm partial to the Batman TAS designs. Batman characters shouldn't be too far off from normal human.

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I want the design she had in the Arkham Asylum game.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with Ivy's current design. It isn't as if she has a definitive design for people to complain about anyway. I very much like it. And I agree, Fabok's version is great.

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@SupBatz: i also like the new 52 look , i think it helps her in the case of what if she isnt near any plant life or too far to kiss an opponent , it was perfect for her when she was in birds of prey

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The organic vegatation is the best one for her character, but probably hell to draw. I don't get it: completely cover up Ivy, Power Girl and Dinah but get Harley's clothes from Baby Gap's XXXSmall section? That being said, I do like the New 52 design for her heroic phase, but if she's a human hating ecoterrorist Eden figure its fine if the covering is slightly diminished.

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Don't know why, but I'm quite partial to her green skin look. That's Poison Ivy to me. Probably a combo of not seeing her outside of Arkham Asylum, the Long Halloween, and a comment in the horrible Batman and Robin where Ivy says her skin turned to chlorophyll or something similar. She looks like Poison Ivy with green skin to me. Without it, eh, she's some lady in a leafy corset.

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@JonSmith: I also like Ivy's green skin. I liked the pre-New 52 idea that Ivy can shift her skin tone from green to white (if she wanted to appear human) by playing with her hormone levels or something like that.

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I like my Ivy sexed up. Something like this

Her new 52 suit it atrocious.

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I like her new design. It doesn't show any skin yes, but she still looks smoking hot and as long as that's accomplished I'm fine.

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The new design is just horrible in every way.

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I love the new 52 design but I also don't mind sexed up,skimpy Ivy either or something inbetween ala the the Young Justice design. green skin is a must.

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I like her with green skin but her new 52 design isn't bad. But then again Poison Ivy has never had a defined look compared with Batman's other rogues (which often retain something from previous design).

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I hate her objectified and I hate the new 52 design. New Adventures design is the best.

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I lke the new design. It looks more tactical and her costume serves a purpose. It keeps her alive/enhance her powers.

I think it's one of those rare cases that you get an explanation as to why a character wears a costume.

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@ivygirl851: Wait, she needs it to survive? Like Mr. Freeze needs his suit?

I never read anything with Poison Ivy in the New 52 except Harley Quinn #2.

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You probably read her worst story in New52.

She isslowly turning into an antihero.

She was in Birds of Prey where they explained everything about the suit and then in Detective comics.

Poison Ivy in Harley Quinn is not canon.

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@ivygirl851: How is it not canon?

Not that I want it to be. I never wanted anything sexual between Harley and Ivy.

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Because the book completely ignores and disregards their new52 origins, their current and past stories, the major arc (gothtopia) that's going on where they are enemies (Harley is on Scarecrows team, mind controlling the city and Ivy s trying to help Batman save Gotham).

As for the lesbian thing it was always an innuendo. Their characters in new52 are "incompatible" and this was just fanservice and a way to boost up sales.

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I like Ivy not having a defined look. I'm used to her just wearing the leaves on her body and I like the idea that she could just shift them to fit her how ever she wanted them to be. At the end of the day, she is a seductress who uses her looks to manipulate others. Her costume should have sex appeal sense it's fit for her character.

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I like the second image the best.

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