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I'm sort of new to Batman comics, but one of my favorite villains is Poison Ivy (the others being Harley Quinn and the Joker). Yet I can never seem to find any good ones about her. Would you people mind terribly listing some good ones that explain her background and stuff? Thank you.

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i know how u feel she is the best hero ever, thats rite hero not villian batman is the villian bcuz he is always stopping her. she is just trying to purify the world like we all should. but anyway 'batman: joker's asylum' and 'Hush: volume one' are great ivy comics (and they even have the joker and harley quin too) and have great illustration

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The Joker and Harley are my fav Batman villians too,(well Harley just being a favorite character,and Ivy too). I would recomend "Harley and Ivy","Gotham City Sirens",and "Harley Quinn" 
PS-These don't describe her background,but they do have some awesome Ivy moments.
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@Adlyn Armon: 
For a true Ivy lover I say:

If you'll also like to see the best freaking Ivy's drawings in a very cool Batman story read:
  • Batman Hush (I don't like how they uses Ivy in the plot, but the art is so great! And Batman is also awesome!)

And if you wanna a little Harley/Ivy crazy stories:

DC also have a few suggestion on her official Origin Story. Two pages, Here(1) and Here(2). - See in the end of the second page in the end "Essential Storylines"
Now again with the Batman #651, like I said before I really like what the writer did there. And it's sad nobody follow it through..... Check on this website more about her fundamentalist Environmentalist, if you really want to get inside her head! - The page contains two scanned pages and the transcript of her cool dialog with Batman.
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I'm really like Gotham City Sirens so far, Paul Dini and Guillem March are putting out a really fun book every month.

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@Calvin: Any other specific names of comic books?         %Pr
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Joker's Asylum grahic novel with all the tales about Joker,Penguin,Poison Ivy,Scarecrow(not that great),and Two-Face. It gives a nice Ivy story and you see other of your favorite villains.
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@cracks said:
" @Calvin: Any other specific names of comic books?         %Pr "
Well Gotham Sirens for the moment! =P

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