Poison Ivy and Spiderman a sexy couple?

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  In my opinion, Ivy is the coolest female comic book character and Spidey the coolest male. Remember, if Ivy kisses you twice, her kiss isn't deadly. So wouldn't that be a sexy couple!? If you think so, please do a picture of Spidey making out with Ivy write a story where they have a relationship! Please!!!!!

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Am not the ony one who though of this!   
The Femme Fatale and the naive boy! Classic!  - I always imagine a comic cover like this one:  


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Spider-man always had a thing for redheads, and extremely good looking girls in general, so I can surely see that.
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I don't think Poison Ivy would be too happy that Peter works for a newspaper

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ivy is a lesbian and too cool for spiderman (although thats just my opinion). However, 'ivy and spidey' has a cute ring to it. if someone does make a comic of them, they should incorporate that along with him having a thing for red heads.

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