Poison Ivy and kryptonians

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Does Poison Ivy's pheromone affect kryptonians as well as humans (makes them feel attracted to her)?

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well in batman: hush volume 1, poison ivy was able to control superman with her 'special' lipstick induced with kryptonite however superman was eventually able to knock out of it. i imagine she can control   kryptonians if she focuses her pheromones harder. i mean after all she is still irresistible 

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The only reason Superman broke free of Ivy's control is because Batman got Selina to throw Lois Lane from a window, though. Batman knew that Lois in peril would override whatever control Ivy had over him, suggesting that whatever her pheremones or the lipstick or whatever did basically pushes everything other than the will to obey her to the back of the mind. So if a Kryptonian didn't have a strong enough reason to break free, it stands to reason she could retain control of one.

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Poison ivy usually uses kryptonite lipstick to control kryptonians. She used this on both Superman, and Superboy. She also tried to use it on supergirl.....but it didn't really work (atleast it lead to a hot girl on girl makeout session).

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