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  By the way, I have no intention of selling this so it is NOT copyright infriction. Okay, I'm thinking of making a comic and I'm terrible at designing scripts. So, I need you to write this comic in a script or comic form. Spider-Man, Poison Ivy, Daredevil, Moon Knight, elecktra, Captain America and Harley Quinn are fighting against Lex Luthor, Dr Octopus, Scorpion, Winter Soldier, Bullseye and Kingpin.They are fighting for a fragment of another symbiote that is the most powerful than the others. It is an even fight until deadpool shows up and accidently releases the symbiote. It bonds with him and he can control it thanks to his healing factor. The symbiote dies off him because of the insanity and adreniline in his body.     Spidey right after tracking down someone who seemed to purposely want him to follow him or her found this person standing inside of a huge bio-dome that was recently opened in the outskirts of new york city. Walking up spidey then sees that the plants where what he could identify from his knowledge from college botany very poisonous plants. " hey spidey man i have finally found you hehe", said the dark figure in front of him. then he realized that was a womans voice.
she walked out of the shadows revealing herself to him and surprisingly she had her chest showing to him and then he felt a overcoming feeling that he couldn't control him self. after that he kissed her and the poison slowly went through his body. but something happened that ivy didn't expect from him he became even more stronger and he had something new about him. but he then continued **********explicit************ you can fill in that. then after leaving he felt better and somewhat strange cause he felt a somewhat hangover. out of no where on his way home the recently freed body of deadpool charged him having his powers amplified. after being beaten badly spidey then unlocked his full potential powers. "hahahahaha that almost hurt hahahaha," said spidey then he gets up and he instantly stops bleeding from a blade wound from deadpools blades. Spidey then grows almost 7 feet tall and grew somewhat an exo-skeleton but a little spiky. he was affected like this just like bane. he then discovered he can grow extra long pieces of his chitin skeleton to create blade like things on his arms.
"haha this is a good feeling" spidey says. then woops deadpools butt so much that he escaped with one of his limbs if you want missing ^_^. that is what spidey becomes.

his new abilities should be able to use the venom like a spray to kill, disorientate, paralyze or even melt through walls. he is bigger and stronger and now ivy becomes a recent visiter cause he now being courted by ivy against her will cause of the dna of the snakes will to mate. so for a while he can create carbonfiber strong razor sharp blades and a armored suit. and more if you want to. If you can't do a script please do a picture of the Ivy Spidey make out scene. Ivy is my favorite female comic boo character and Spidey my favorite male comic book character and I have found nothing. Whoever does the best script or draws the best pictue is pronounced by me the Best Artist/Writer on Comicvine. Good luck!

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