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A tale written and drawn by the Fillbach Brothers in continuity it falls after Issue 41 and before the "Hell Hath No Fury" story in the Poison Elves Color Special.

Luse and Jace tired of walking through the woods decide to go to the nearest town for food, rest and a beer. Upon entering town they notice that its kind of quit. They enter the pub order up some food that is a little rotten. They then noticed the zombies. They end up unconsious and Luse went into his head to se Parintachin who informed him that it wasn't Drew Hayes in command but two other people the Fillbach Brothers. He then informed Luse that he, the Purple Marauder and Drew Hayes were going for a beer and he was on his own. Waking up Luse wakes Jace up and they were captured by Dr. Shithound. He's your garden variety mad scientist who created the zombies. The doctor wants to experiment on them but they are saved by one of his experiments, Mugaluna, who rescues our heroes. The doctor then mutates and once again Mugaluna sacrfices herself to save Jace and Luse.

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