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Huh, I kinda like that Thom guy. Knows a lot, and isn't a sucky negative nancy. He's right about 'embracing the absurdity' ... DC is doing the genre a disfavor by forcing cinematic Wonder Woman to wear a tone-deaf bronze unicolor costume. Also, needs more Mat.

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Great and hilarious podcast guys.

"sucky Tony-G" and "sucky Brian Booch" lol

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Entertaining listen. I also agree with the origin thing. It's something I feel should be in the characters movie at some point but i doesn't have to be their first movie. It's like when you play a Mass Effect game or really any game with a companion over time you learn more about the characters and where they came from you don't necessarily need a origin movie to do that. That being said I don't mind origin movies at all. Unless they already had one in film (Hulk, Spider-man, Iron Man, Cap, Thor, Superman, Batman, ect) in which case they can be skipped or at least glossed over like they did for the opening of The Incredible Hulk.

Sucky Tony-G

Sucky Brian Booch

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@g_man: Regarding your concerns about the Defenders series on Netflix.

While I understand the fear about spoilers via binge watchers, I can say that the general online community has been respectful about spoilers on several of the Netflix series like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. It was at least a month before I saw any hint of spoilers on facebook, twitter, or other media. That is subjective to my online social circles, but that's one take on it.

The other benefit to having all 4 series (and the Defenders) launch on Netflix is that they are the safer route for many TV producers when exploring new ideas or adaptations. Kevin Spacey has spoken a lot about how House of Cards' success is rooted in TV Audiences love of binge watching. Also the cost for producing the first Season of House of cards was much lower for that team to pursue than if they had to create a Pilot, pitch it to a network, deal with the Ratings game, and then re-evaluate their plans based on those ratings and if they got a second season. There is also less interference from the networks during the conceptual and production phases.

Look at the history of iconic shows that had to jump through so many hoops only to burn out and initially fail on network TV. Not because the shows themselves were bad, but because of how many changes were made during or between seasons, so they could appease the network heads. Not the audiences. Take into consideration the changes that many fans are skeptical of regarding Constantine on NBC (the bisexuality and smoking aspects). If the creative team wanted to deliver a less Prime-time friendly version of the show, they could go the route of premium cable like HBO, Stars, or Showtime. That leads into another problem which is accessibility. Not everyone is going to drop the 30 to 60 bucks a month just to get a movie channel for one show. Game of Thrones and Sopranos being exceptions of course but for a comic show? Not likely. Via Netflix, the creators (Marvel in this case) are not restricted to playing by any of the networks' tone, ratings, or financial rules. They can create the series and story they want to make on their terms while making it readily available to fans to enjoy on their own schedule.

Considering that the Defenders center around Marvel's street-level heroes that aren't as glitzy or polished as the Avengers, this will allow Disney/Marvel to give the characters the right amount of grime and violence, while still keeping to maybe a T+ level of comic content. Or keep them from turning into another CW styled hero series.

Just my opinion, but considering you have brought up these concerns several times via the podcasts, I thought it one that I would start a dialogue about.


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@kantrip: Thanks. The idea of not having to wait to watch the next video is great. It's like trade-waiting. You get it all at once. As for spoilers, maybe it's just me but it seems stuff relating to comics and I guess geek culture are targets for those that want to spoil. If Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt are working on a movie, you don't see or hear a lot of sneaky spy info or pics. If it's a genre type thing, people are all over it trying to grab a cruddy on set blurry pic from their phone. If a hint of a plot line comes out, people will post it to be "first." But hopefully people will be respectful with the Marvel Netflix shows. I just think if there was a surprise appearance or cameo, people are going to rush to be the first to post about it.

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That would be my fear as well. I think at the one month mark I started avoiding any GotG trailers, teasers, or news. I had already been sold on the movie, and didn't want to see any more 6 minute clips or concept art. It was tough. I had to block a lot of pages and people on my facebook account, or just not click on links.

There are other sites (whose names I won't mention) that seem to revel and wallow in the joy of spoiling and speculating, which is sad but hey. Their karma.

Maybe its time to just trust that these properties are going to sell themselves and the studios should stop trying to generate so much hype during the run up.

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No regrets, I miss you Whiskey Media!

I always end up laughing when Brian is on the podcast, Suckas! Welp, there goes the explicit checkbox! Man, I love listening to Comic movie talk. Maybe do a spoilercast for Guardians?

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That "sucky Brian Bucc" was cold, but...gold?

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@wheatstalker: I try not to be a negative Nancy because I actively want things to be good

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Screened.com Souvenir

No regrets, I miss you Whiskey Media!

I always end up laughing when Brian is on the podcast, Suckas! Welp, there goes the explicit checkbox! Man, I love listening to Comic movie talk. Maybe do a spoilercast for Guardians?

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I think there filming Batman V Superman and Justice Leauge back to back. The August 16th movie will be Justice Leauge that would make a hell of a lot of sense with all the casting announced.

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I enjoy the movie talk, too, a premium podcast with spoilers is the best idea I can think of, probably all day today.

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Haha Matt daydreaming about hair.

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Sheesh Mat, get your mid 2000's superhero family live action movies right! Tim Allen was in Zoom, not Sky High......SHEESH :P

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I usually love your podcasts but this is the first one I had to turn off. I zoned out and listened in while on the bus but after 40 mins of sports and American states I felt lobotomized.

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Sucky Tony-G

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Big thanks to Thom for representing Baltimore!

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More evidence why @inferiorego >>>>>>>> than G-Man...because Mat watches Hard Knocks :D

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More evidence why @inferiorego >>>>>>>> than G-Man...because Mat watches Hard Knocks :D

Roddy White is my jam