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Gregg is Gollum? Haha poor him.

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@mucklefluga: No. It wasn't intentional. I had that pic of Gollum that I never posted or used. That one of Mat is from a couple years ago. I didn't have any con pics of Gregg and talked to him about doing the show right before we recorded.

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Now I have Mat's crossdressing buttcrack stick in my head.

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all new hawkeye 2015 maybe

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I heard that there wasn't a D23 this year? It is a biennial event

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@darkrider said:

all new hawkeye 2015 maybe

EH. Won't be the same with a different creative team. But yeah, you're probably right.

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@zwcropper: You are correct. The next D23 Expo is in 2015. I just looked it up myself. I didn't realize that was the case until I saw your comment.

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@syncig: Yeah, I looked it up after recording as well. Guess that makes the decision of going or not easier.

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My dream announcement would be Declan Shalvey and Warren Ellis on a Dr Strange book. I know it won't happen but after Moon Knight I would love to see the two tackle Dr Strange.

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Looking forward to big things this weekend, don't let me down SDCC 2014.

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Batman: Endgame is a six-issue arc.

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@rob1157 said:

Looking forward to big things this weekend, don't let me down SDCC 2014.

Yup, I can see already, not too much this weekend.

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@themantisshrimp: did you hear they're doing a book at Image? I tweeted it and the cover. We'll have a full Image Expo write up later.

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@g_man: yes I did see that announcement. I would have loved to see them on Dr Strange but this is easily just as good if not better. Image expo announced so many awesome looking books. Sean Murphy and Rick Remender, Lemire and Nguyen plus so many others, image expo kills it every time.

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Have to work downtown all this week. Even the air is electrified with anticipation. Or it could be just the mondo humidity. :)

Thanks for all the legwork and photos everyone!