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Was this reposted? The comments are gone.

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@wardishy: Yeah. Unfortunately, reposting was the fastest and quickest way for me to fix a problem with the iTunes version. There were only a couple comments, mainly that I uploaded the wrong file.

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**suddenly the work day just got a lot better**

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**suddenly the work day just got a lot better**

I know how you feel.

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I didn't know Skottie did an entire run on Oz, mostly the internet talks about his cover work so I'll check that out. Pretty cool to learn that he digs Harry Potter and Adventure Time. If I ever manage to see Skottie at a convention I'll ask him to draw Jake from Adventure Time.

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I'm glad Skottie doesn't let the haters get to him. I absolutely love the baby covers and hope they never go away. There have been plenty of Marvel #1's that I only gave a try because I wanted the associated baby variant. And of all the new #1's I've bought since baby covers existed, I think I've only bought two or three as the regular cover over the baby one. One of those was Rocket Raccoon which had an amazing Skottie Young cover anyhow.

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Yeah, they were kind enough to include Skottie's baby variant for Black Widow #1 in the trade (1-6) that just came out today. Which is awesome, by the way, because Noto.

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