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Radioactive sperm!!... Spider-man reign was the first mini i bought getting into comics :)

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The Spider-Man: Reign talk made my day :D Great show!

...and I didn't know Kaare is directing Cabin Fever: Patient Zero! I've watched the original in the early 2000's (?), and I remember enjoying it (kinda gory though) . Looking forward to that as well.

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I've spoke to Kaare Andrews a few times on twitter and he seems like a really cool guy, really been enjoying his Iron Fist so far but it's also scary for some of the characters I like :-/ but the best stories are ones that tear a character down and then rebuild him on the otherside.

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Thanks for answering my question.

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Loving Living Weapon! Kaare Andrews is awesome! This podcast made me even more hyped for issue #3

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After listening to the Podcast on my Long run this week I came home and bought and pre-ordered Iron Fist Living Weapon. I can't wait to read it. I'm so excited!

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Great Podcast!

I loved hearing Kaare (Car-E) describe his writing/drawing process. I never thought about a comic that way. Budgeting story issue by issue then page by page as if rationing food or something was really interesting. One sentence of story per page makes so much sense. Is this a common method? It was good of him to go that far into detail about it. I personally find that kind of information very interesting.

I also liked what he was saying about being bold and tearing down a character to see if he can, or how he can come back up from that. Although I find some artists can get lost in this and focus to heavily on the breaking down part. This is not a judgement of Kaare Andrews work (I actually haven't ready anything he's done though I'll be reading this Iron Fist run soon), but just a comment in general. I feel like the traumatic breaking down of a character makes for great plot but it's the character rising up from that that makes a great story.