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Posted by iceslick

@g_man: Lol, I love that face expression in the podcast image. It's so funny and it doesn't even look like you're dead. It looks more like you're sleeping. Anyways, good podcast, I really liked learning more about Archie Comics and the things I never knew about it. It's interesting to know how it's still growing, even though I don't hear much about it online. Now that I finally caught up with DC, I think I might interested in other comic books like Archie and Star Wars after I'm done with Marvel, which is why I haven't talked about Star Wars. I love so much about Star Wars like the Clone Wars show, the movies and the video games. So I hope now that Dark Horse is ending their run that I will catch on the titles much easier. I also have been listening/catching up to your old podcasts. It doesn't feel too outdated at all and I love listening to how much you guys' opinions have changed and evolved over time. I really don't know how you guys are gonna do it with Wonder Con and C2E2 one week after the other. I really commend you guys to be able to pull that off and now the next time someone yells and complains about not going to "their" cons, I will make sure I will yell at them with this excuse, lol. Because people should appreciate what you guys do.

Posted by NightFang

Archie needs a new cartoon show!

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I've never read Archie before but I love Afterlife with Archie, it's a great book. As for how far is too far, when it comes to stories I don't think you can ever go too far. Things like incest and lesbians ect happen in real life so there should absolutely be stories about them in comics. I know people flipped out between the Ultimate Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver relationship but writing/reading a story about something that doesn't mean you agree with it or anything.

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@g_man My two biggest fan passions are Batman and Star Wars so I am always up for talking about the Wars. As for Yoda vs Vader. If they are both at the peak of their power, I would take Vader.

Posted by Ladyonora

One of the books that made me very emotional was definitely the end of the main flashpoint story arc, when Flash hands the letter to Batman. I read the end while taking a break at work and I was openly crying in front of my very surprised bosses, with no shame.

Posted by lifeboy

Afterlife w Archie #4 - I cried.... then I hugged my dog.

Gman, please continue the podcast. Please divide it into a marvel day and then a dc day. So I don't have listen to the ______ day.

Posted by ZimmyG

I didn't realize there was a new Sabrina series coming. I am so excited for it now.

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@g_man@syncig Thanks for answering. I forgot I'd even asked a question.

In regards to Yoda vs Vader, I think a big part of it depends on how much or how little being a cyborg has affected his skills and his connection to the Force. Taking the films as they are, he's a lot slower and clunkier than he was as Anakin. He's still very powerful though as I believe he personally hunted down Jedi survivors? I could be wrong though.

On the other hand, even in the prequel trilogies, I could see the strain fighting put on Yoda. He was very skilled at both Force-use and dueling but struggled and did not definitively defeat either Dooku or Sidious. In fact Mace Windu did better against Sidious than Yoda did. And I'm guessing that while Yoda had the experience, Anakin had the greater overall potential due to that midichlorian count.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I still have no idea?

I'm always up for talking Star Wars though guys! Lifelong fan!

Also I have indeed been listening to the old regular podcasts. It's an interesting experience hearing you talk about things that have since changed like the pre-new 52, or about how you were really optimistic about the Green Lantern movie. You guys had James Robinson over every week back then too. But that's cool, I like James.

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@wardishy: Yeah, feats in Star Wars are strange. For instance, Yoda and Dooku in Episode 2 is essentially a draw. Then Anakin defeats Dooku solo at the beginning of Episode 3. But later Anakin loses to Obi-Wan who had not shown any feats all that impressive to that point (except cutting Darth Maul in half but Maul kinda cost himself that fight by taunting Obi-Wan instead of killing him). It is hard to tell who is stronger than who because of things like that. Vader did go on to hunt the remaining Jedi but a majority of the strongest Jedi were eliminated during Order 66. Basically, my gut tells me Vader would beat Yoda but when I actually think it through I don't know.

Posted by Wardishy

@syncig: Yeah it's a tough call. I'd say that Yoda has the edge in agility and skill but his age is against him. Vader would probably win through stamina and sheer brute strength. And I agree with the feats being totally inconsistent. Obi-Wan gets stomped by Dooku twice, who loses handily to Anakin, who loses to Obi-Wan after an evenly matched duel? Yeah, I don't buy it. I get the feeling that the plot dictates the victors rather than who the more skilled fighter actually is. Whoever Lucas needed to win for the story got a free pass.

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My knowledge of Archie doesn't go any further than this song which was number one twice as long in the UK than the US.

Posted by BlazingNova

The one moment that had the a big impact emotionally for me was the scene was in Spider-Men when Ultimate Aunt May and 616 Peter Parker had their moment where May got to see how Ultimate Peter could have turned out if he were still alive.

Posted by lifeofvibe

archie wouldnt feel so outdated if the art didnt feel so outdated nothing to big (like jim lee) but like cliff chaing

Posted by lifeofvibe

who ever saying your opinion is wrong i would like you to show me were such a thing has ever happen cause all im seeing is diferent opinions

Posted by mak13131313

Darth Vader would stomp Yoda!