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Posted by dotwilson

awesome sauce... the work day just got more interesting.

Posted by G-Man

I realized there was a couple audio lags I didn't edit out. Bad Connection at times. Apologies. I wanted to get this out to you all as soon as possible.

Posted by SUPER-MAN 23

Your photoshop skills for each podcast image cover is amazingly funny! They are always awesome!

Posted by comic_shaun

Damn, did'nt know this was on. Kot's an amazing writer, like a cross between Tom Clancy and a hipster.

Edited by Mucklefluga

Kot's joke of being a spy was brilliant.

Edited by Jonny_Anonymous

Eastern Promises is a great film

Posted by lifeboy

In referance to past podcasts of pronouncing Constantine two ways, ie Constan-TEEN, Constant-I-ne; I just saw 'Your sisters a werewolf' and in it, Christopher Lee calls his fellow werewolf hunter who is also named Constantine by the the first announciation' Constan-TEEN.

Just thought I'd let you know, afterall, it is Christopher Lee saying it and its probably a good idea to take que's off of Count Dooku. Just sayin.

Posted by G-Man
Edited by lifeboy

@g_man: LOL, Alright gman! Look forrward to hearing this podcast and keepup the good work on the comic reviews!

Posted by MightyMODOK

I am loving the podcast's! Listening to them any time I can, they are great and keep up the good work.

Posted by Wardishy

I would like to check out Secret Avengers sometime. Maybe. It's just finding the money and the space on my pull list.

On the subject of TV and movies I am not burned out one bit. Bring it on! Arrow is great, and I'm cautiously optimistic about The Flash, Gotham, Constantine, and all of the announced Marvel projects too.

Plus, I love Star Wars. I want more Star Wars. I just really hope it's good. Being disappointed would suck. Although, despite their problems, I don't hate or even dislike the prequel films like some people do. So maybe I'll be impressed no matter what they put out?